Cancer Side Effect Help

Hair loss is one of the side effects that women may experience while undergoing treatment for breast cancer. Many women say that losing their  hair is one of the most difficult things to deal with. Knowing that chemotherapy will likely cause this problem doesn’t really help matters but planning for it may help you take control of the situation. As you think about a strategy to manage or compensate for hair loss be sure and consider those beautiful scarves in your wardrobe. While wearing a scarf is a welcome alternative it is not always the best suited for some occasions. Therefore, should you decide to forego the scarf and is looking for a substitute remember there are a gazillion number of wig styles and colors that one can choose from.  

We all have access to these substitutes, maybe they come as a treasured gift from someone or a scarf that has been passed down through the family. They can look great on your head too. Look for a soft, light-weight, fabric in a brilliant color that compliments your skin tone. Then have some fun with it. There is no wrong way to wear a headscarf. Experiment until you find something that is comfortable and makes you feel good. Don’t be afraid to mix and match scarves. You can even add jewelry or a bit of a bling. See how one amazing lady got super creative with her head coverings at Esther’s Hat of the Day. You can even wear an awesome head scarf under a fabulous hat. 

Just as you can be creative with your scarf selections; so too you can be as creative with your wigs. On an honest note, it would be more effective to wear a wig over a scarf. This is true because a wig can create a more natural look over a scarf. Take a lace front wig for example, once it is properly put in place there is absolutely no telling whether or not it was real or not. Anyone who sees someone in it for the first time would have definitely think it is the wearer’s real hair. That is absolutely one of the most incredible things about wigs, especially lace wigs. 

Since hair loss after cancer treatment is not spontaneous a person who is expected to undergo treatment has the opportunity to make some preparation prior to losing their hair. Think about what works best for you, what your best choice is likely to be. So it is important to think about this ahead of time. Think about your head without its share of hair; thus giving you a chance to get used to the idea of having no hair . This places you in the position to device a plan and a solution that will work for you. Whether a cap, a scarf or a wig make the best choice that will look natural on you. It is very important for everyone to look their best but more so to look naturally beautiful.It is the way to go.



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