Hair Manufacturing Facts

Hair Manufacturing

In this edition I want to bring you my prospects as well as customers up to speed with the quality of the hair Evrething Beautyful is selling. We believe it is very important for you to get details about what you are buying or intend to buy. When you are educated you will be more empowered to make informed choices and decisions concerning your purchases. I am in this business to be able to build a trustworthy, committed and consistent list of clientele.  My manufacturer, or supplier has 10 years of perfecting the hair quality process. It has been on a long journey but through proper and effective harvesting, fabrication, cuticle management to Sanitizing, they have perfected the techniques with a view to creating super high quality hair extensions. Let me explains each of these processes individually.

  1. Harvesting is the process of acquiring raw the hair in whatever type they may be. The best type of hair to be harvested is the pony tail in its natural form. The manufacturer ensure she started the hair business with the best quality, all that needs to be done is to have it cleaned and that is what my supplier make sure to do. Here is a sample of the pony tail that is been mentioned.

    There is what we considered as waste hair which is poor quality hair. This is hair that is stripped of its cuticle then coated with silicone. Waste hair is what is left of hair clippings, from the barber shop, hair parlor, etc. Just about any little strips or bundle that is scraped off the floor is waste hair. They are cheap products due to their quality. Our goal at Evrething Beautyful is to acquire lasting customers, not just someone who will buy today and never shop with us again due to receiving poor quality products. We are ensuring that once a customer shops they will return because of the customer service we provide as well as the quality of our weave we sell you. 

  2. Fabrication is a technique through which the manufacturer create the hair in such a way that it does not tangle, is easy to install and does not shed. Our manufacturer make sure to first seal the weft using glue and then it is made into weft. The process include using triple weft with a view to ensuring the wefts are strong thus ensure it does not shed as do others with less amount of weft.
  3. Sanitizing is critical to the preparation of the weave. Most raw hair is harvested in its raw virgin form and do contain nits. Harsh detergent as well insecticides should never be used to get rid of the nits as they can be harmful to the hair. Many manufacturers use these chemicals but I can assure all my prospects this is not done at my manufacturer. My supplier ensure to keep the hair in its virgin format by using a fine comb as well as apple cider vinegar that is the most gentle product on the hair to get rid of the nits. It should be understood that most hair when purchased in its raw virgin format carries nits.
  4. Cuticle Management is another important aspect of hair preparation for selling. The hair cuticle is considered the lifeline of the hair. As a result the cuticle helps the virgin hair to be extremely durable, to have a gorgeous look, and to maintain a sheen because it is real.

Processing of the hair

Virgin hair means that the hair is in its raw untouched state; has not been chemically altered in any way, form or shape. Two strong selling point of Evrething Beautyful is the purity of the hair as well as the integrity of our company. To do this customers are advised to do the following: 1) do not at any time apply any form of chemical perm to the hair to make it either wavy or curly. You will get the hair steamed to set the curls. All that is needed after this is to wrap it with steam rods and continue to use steam to set your curls. 2) All hair comes in it natural black form. The purchaser has the opportunity of dying it in whatever color they so desire. Your hair should last you approximately 2 years if instructions are followed. We know sometimes you want to use curling comb in it especially if you are on a rush but believe me when I say you can have your curls if and when you follow instructions.

Visits us at, take a leap of faith and get your best hair ever. We accepts returns if your are not totally satisfied with your purchase

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