The Effect of Hair Loss

Hair loss has many possible causes, including genetics, an under-active thyroid, cancer treatments, or medications for other health conditions. And for many people, hair loss (alopecia) or thinning hair can result in a loss of self-esteem and cause depression, anxiety, and other emotional issues. Some medical conditions lead directly to hair loss, whether through disruption to hormones, like with thyroid issues; scarring from skin conditions, like ringworm; or autoimmune disorders, like celiac disease, where the body attacks itself.

Society is currently plagued with various diseases that in some way or the other affect the growth of women’s hair. For example, cancer, is one of the main causes of hair loss; some lose hair due to improper way of caring for their natural hair.  It is also possible that stress induces hormonal changes that can ultimately be responsible for hair loss, since hair loss is a known consequence of other hormonal changes due to pregnancy, thyroid disturbances, or even from taking oral contraceptives.

Hair loss can be devastating to both men and women.  It is a fact that almost every society in the world associates luxurious hair with youth, beauty, and good health. Doctor Robert T. Brodell, MD and professor of internal medicine of the dermatology section at Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine in Warren, Ohio, has this to say; “For many people, their hair is what makes them feel beautiful.” When you lose your hair — for whatever reason, it can be devastating.

When a woman loses her hair or has thinning hair, she believes she is no longer attractive. Hair is also a key part of the male psyche. To men, their hair represents their virility and, like women, when they experience conditions that cause hair loss, a bald spot, or thinning hair, they believe they aren’t as manly or attractive any more. Evrething Beautyful has come to the rescue, visit us (EVTBT).

Hair is associated with power and has been since biblical times. Samson, a Herculean figure, tells Delilah he will lose his strength when he loses his hair. Whatever the cause of your hair loss, the key to dealing with the emotional side of thinning hair and bald spots is having the right attitude. “Tell yourself you’re not the hair or better yet there is an alternative. We do not have to live in this condition anymore. Let Evrething Beautyful (EVTBT) take care of your most important need.

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Classifying hair loss?

Hair loss comes in many categories. One has to determine whether or not the hair loss is due to physical destruction or loss of follicles.  If the scalp appears perfectly normal with plenty of empty hair follicles, then the person is suffering from a condition called non-scarring hair loss. On the other hand, cicatricial alopecia permanently destroys the follicles. Non-scarring hair loss also happens in situations where there is physical or chemical damage to the hair shaft, resulting in breakage. Occasionally, it may be necessary to do a biopsy of the scalp to distinguish these conditions. Sometimes, a physician may pull a hair to examine the appearance of the hair shaft as well as the percentage of growing hairs. 

Patchy hair loss

There are patchy hair loss which can be losing a small patch of hair and some can be the loss of large patches of hair. Some causes for patchy hair loss are 

Some common causes of patchy hair loss are

  • Alopecia areata – a small circular or coin size bald patches on the scalp this usually grows back within months,

  • Traction alopecia thinning from tight braids or ponytails,

  • Trichotillomania the habit of twisting or pulling hair out,

  • Tinea capitis – caused from fungal infection, and finally

  • secondary syphilis.

Diffuse hair loss

Some common causes of diffuse hair loss are

  • pattern alopecia,

  • drug-induced alopecia,

  • protein malnutrition, and

  • The onset of systemic disease-induced alopecia cancer, endocrine disease, and telogen effluvium.

Hair loss may occur in different ways depending on the cause. If you notice a sudden hair loss or a gradual thinning over time; we suggest you It may be helpful to keep a diary to track any changes you notice or symptoms you experience, so you can look for patterns.

Signs to look for include:

  • An overall thinning, or a gradual thinning on the top of one’s head is considered the most common type of hair loss.This hair loss in common in both men and women. While men tend to see a receding hairline, women generally notice that their part broadens.

  • Bald spots which are predominantly circular or patchy. They often look like coins in size and usually appear on the scalp. They normally cause itchy skin which may become painful right before your hair fall out.

  • Handfuls of hair. You may experience very sudden hair loss, particularly after emotional or physical trauma. The hair may come out quickly while you’re washing or combing it, leading to overall thinning.

  • Full loss which occurs in some medical situations, particularly with medical treatments like chemotherapy, may cause significant loss of hair from every area of your body and this happens all at once.  

Conditions that are likely to cause hair loss include:

    • hypothyroidism

    • hyperthyroidism

    • Hodgkin’s disease

    • hypopituitarism

    • Hashimoto disease

    • systemic lupus erythematosus

    • Addison’s disease

    • celiac disease

    • Lichen planus

    • ringworm

    • scleroderma

    • trichorrhexis invaginata

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